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Hand Router LO 55

Versatile, precise, intuitively simple.

Hand router LO 55: Versatile, precise, intuitively simple.

The inimitable new LO 55 puts you in complete control. Thanks to tool-less chucking, innovative cutting depth adjustment with permanent height fixing and many more features, you can focus entirely on the task in hand. Working with ease, efficiency, precision and the benefit of quick set-up makes every routing job a cinch.

For machining faces and edges.

Want to know what a whole new world of versatility looks like? Then cast a glance at the LO 55. In view of its exemplary operation, it’s the ideal partner for every task both in the workshop and on site. Discover the broad application scope for yourself and unleash your creativity.

Hand router LO 55: Perfection in every detail.

We have incorporated a wealth of clever details in the new LO 55. In combination, they have given rise to an unrivaled power tool. All of the router’s features are perfectly aligned with your needs. By way of solutions that are at once simple and well-conceived, the LO 55 sets new standards.


Our Ergo-Balance principle focuses on you, the user. As a machine, the LO 55 is perfectly balanced; vibrations and their transmission are simply avoided.


The position of the LO 55 handle complies fully with ergonomic design principles and gives the operator a secure hold. In addition, thanks to the many leveling options, the router always remains stable.


Protrusions or projecting edges? Not with the LO 55. When setting up the machine, you can put it down or rest it on any surface without the risk of damage to either the workpiece or the router.


All operating elements of the LO 55 are either red or marked in red and therefore catch the eye immediately. The digital electronic circuitry includes LED telltales for warning purposes, and the copying rings are centered automatically.

Technical data.

Operating voltage

230 V

Supply frequency

50 Hz

Power input (continuous duty)

1100 W

No-load speed (normal duty)

10000 – 24000 min-1

Cutting depth setting with fine adjustment

0 – 55 mm

Tool holder – collet

Ø 8 mm

Hose connector diameter

29 mm


3.1 kg

Delivery scope.

Hand router LO 55
in MAX 3 case

1 parallel fence with fine adjustment
1 chip deflector
1 template guide 20 mm
1 template guide 30 mm
1 template guide 40 mm
1 template guide-adapter
1 extraction hose adapter
1 extraction hose adapter for rail F
1 mains cable 4 m
1 MAX 3
Order No. 91A901


You want to make a good thing even better – to have everything to hand for doing the best possible job? You can extend and refine your options with our well-conceived range of accessories. From a router adapter to an angle fence, every need is catered for. Explore the many choices.


Adapter sleeve

Ø 8 mm / Ø 6 mm
Order No. 207946

Adapter sleeve

Ø 8 mm / Ø 1/4"
Order No. 207947

Template guide Ø 17 mm

Order No. 209851

Template guide Ø 24 mm

Order No. 209850

Adapter for hand router LO-FA

Order No. 207200

Guide rail F

Designation      Length      Order No.
F 80 0.80 m 204380
F 110 1.10 m 204381
F 160 1.60 m 204365
F 210 2.10 m 204382
F 310 3.10 m 204383

Guide rail LR

Designation      Length      Order No.
F 80-LR 0.80 m 207600
F 160-LR 1.60 m 207601

Connecting piece F-VS

for joining two guide rails
Order No. 204363

Guide pocket

Guide pocket F 160
or guide rails
up to 1.6 m long 
Order No. 204626

Guide pocket set
2 x F 160 + F-VS + 2 x F-SZ 180MM
+ guide pocket
Order No. 204805

Guide pocket set
F 80 + F 160 + F-WA + F-VS
+ 2 x F-SZ 180MM
+ guide pocket
Order No. 204749

End caps F-EK

2 caps
Order No. 205400

Angle fence F-WA

Order No. 205357

Lever clamp F-SZ 180MM

2 clamps, for fixing guide rail
to workpiece 
Order No. 207770

Non-slip profile F-HP 6.8M

6.8 m long
Order No. 204376

Splinter guard F-SS 3.4M

3.4 m long
Order No. 204375

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